Buying & Selling Securely On Craigslist

Craigslist is used by many to buy and sell stuff because of the straightforward interface. You can find anything on it. Due to the scale of trades it is difficult perhaps determine the credentials of these parties to the credibility of the items or the sale or to keep track.

To help you in maneuvering around the site, here are some tips for a meaningful and safe experience on Craigslist.

Protect Your Private Information

In Craigslist, you're given an option to either use your true email address or use the one supplied from the site itself. Choose the latter. It is safer to use the proxy email from accessing your actual address as it can prevent scammers.

However, when you react to somebody, your true e-mail will be exposed. You may elect to make an e-mail solely for Craigslist. Use ones from Mailinator, Gish Puppy, etc. to conceal your true identity and maintain your anonymity.

Furthermore, don't reveal where you are or location that is residential. Before you put them on 14, always remember to remove geotags from the photographs. Thieves and scammers can use applications that can read the info. Before submitting online, for starters, use the EXIF geotag removal app.

Apart from contact details, do not also give in to requests that could show any financial or personal information. Some scammers will request that you submit "credit checks" and this is a large no-no as they can receive credit card info from it. Scammers often us money wiring services.

The best method to manage transaction is by meeting someone and using cash or PayPal.

Never buy something in Craigslist without visiting it personally. Scheming sellers can get photographs online of things in good shape when in fact, the one they're currently selling isn't in shape anymore. You find this a lot when people attempt to sell your iPhone fast and you will be disappointed to see a different thing when you get it through courier.

Be sure that you're in a public location when you do meet the buyer or vendor. Places with plenty of individuals, restaurants, and Coffee shops are great places. It is a good idea to bring a friend who will serve as a witness to the sale. Don't leave your phone behind and make sure that at least one friend or relative knows when and where you are going to meet the buyer or seller.

Craigslist recommends that parties deal by advising buyers and sellers to deal with people whom they could meet in person.

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The Wrong Place To Find Lovers

Craigslist is not the place to find dates, though some folks do it. You will find other free sites like Plenty of OK and Fish Cupid, and applications like Tinder, which you may use to discover a date. All these sites and programs have technical privacy and security settings that are just not available in Craigslist.

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